The Wound and The Gift explores the major transformation in our relationship with animals through the growing “Rescue” movement. All over the world, people are saving the lives of animals that were bred for profit, abused, or sold on the black market. Millions of us are adopting dogs and cats from shelters, rather than buying pets from breeders and pet stores. Many people devote their lives to providing sanctuaries and shelters for rescued animals. By caring for wounded animals in need, we are learning just how much animals give back to those who care for them.

The narrative spine of the film is an ancient fable about a wounded crane, saved by peasants, that attempts to express her gratitude with a gift. Scenes from the folktale will weave together stunning real life footage of rescued animals and their sanctuaries. As the fable and the film unfold, we cannot help but wonder, Who is saving who?

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